• Short Showreel

    Click here to see an example of Joel’s work – a behind the scenes look at the scoring process for the short film Hangin’.

  • Longer Showreel

    Click to see: Replenish Africa (Coca-Cola), Hangin’ (gained entry to many international film festivals), Akshaya Patra Commercial (Mofilm competition’s winning entry), Red Book Animation (screened at the Labour Party conference, House of Lords).

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    Click here to get a quote, ask about future collaborations, or general enquires – I look forward to hearing from you!


About Me

Freelance music composer for TV & Film. See more at my MOMUSIC library

People I've Worked With

John Williams: Score Extraordinaire?

John Williams is arguably the world’s most famous film score composer, penning...

31st Jan

Raw! (Part 1)

You may have heard the term ‘raw’ bandied about, pertaining loosely to...

31st Jan
The raw artist, Tom Waits

Scoring on a Budget

We’re all aware of big budget movies with huge scores to match,...

29th Jan
not big budget scores cropped